The journey of Anthophile

Hello there!

My name is Nikoletta and I’m the creator of Anthophile vintage. The purpose of this journal is to offer you styling tips, interviews with interesting people, and our latest inspirations. But first things first and let’s start with the journey of Anthophile.

It was one day in September in 2020, during the madness of the Covid epidemic when I had the idea of creating a vintage store. I have been always a vintage collector but I have never thought that I could turn this love into a professional way. The main purpose for me was(and still is) to show you how many beautiful and high-quality vintage pieces exist on this planet and mainly with floral patterns. I’m a true lover of flowers since I was a kid. All my friends are making fun of me because you can’t find a monochrome piece in my wardrobe.

So in October, I did my first trip to the UK as a vintage buyer and I’ve found some very beautiful treasures at the most unexpected places. My favorite moment was when I met a 92-year-old woman named Agnes and she sold me 3 gorgeous dresses from her small vintage store in a small village in the UK. One of these dresses was this one and you can find it in our shop:

I loved England! It was my second time there but because of my clothes scouting, I had the opportunity to see many beautiful places that I didn’t have the chance before. I was running with a small suitcase from the morning till the evening and some days I couldn’t find not even one piece. it was one of my best but at the same time exhausting periods of my life. Finally, I returned with 2 fully packed big suitcases of vintage clothing and a huge smile on my face!

Here you can see some moments of my trip 🙂

I started selling very fast through Instagram in December of 2020 when everything in Greece was closed because of the lockdown. Because of this small success, I felt that this was a sign for me for creating something truly beautiful and I decided to take it to a more serious level. That’s how the idea of the launching of Anthophile came up! For a start, I arranged a very beautiful photoshoot in the forest with an incredibly talented team.

Photographer was Petros Dellatolas, his assistant Dimosthenis Papadopoulos, stylist Philippos Missas and makeup artist and hairstylist was Zefi Siatou. I was super satisfied with the final result and I’m blessed that I had my mother to help me out with many organizational things and most importantly to have our bellies full. By mentioning my mother, it’s very important to say about the beautiful flowers that she is making. The blossoms of Anthophile by Lara Mats.

I always knew that she is a true artist and by creating this store I gave her the idea to make some flowers for my photoshoots. The result was stunning and I told her that there is no way that I’m not gonna put them on our site so the world finally discovers her talent. I will tell you more about her another time in another post in the Journal.

So after the editorial photoshoot, the creation of the site has started and the logo making. During this time I had the idea that I would love to have a painted background on my e-shop. I’m very lucky of knowing a very talented painter in Athens who has a very rare true feeling of nature and how to express it on the canvas. I told her what scenic I would love to have and here is the result:

The final result

The truth is I have faced plenty of obstacles and confidence issues till this moment. But the most important thing is that I didn’t give up! The website of Anthophile vintage is finally here to show you that high-quality vintage does exist, romanticism and elegance hide in our souls but sometimes we need the appropriate clothes to express them, and that flowers and colors offer us only positive energy and endless beauty.

Thank you for reading my very first article and there are more to come!



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