Flowers may require a little bending and unfluring after unboxing. Gently tease the petals with your fingers to open up the flower.
Keep away from heat and water. For example, don’t put them in a vase with water.
How to clean them:
1. Use a cold air hairdryer in low intensity in order to remove any dust
2. With a soft fresh wet sponge or paintbrush rouge clean softly the leaves, buds, and stems. Except the actual flower.
3.  Then the actual flower: In a bowl mix cold water with one drop of body lotion, dip the flower, and gently rotate for 6 seconds. After that, dip the flower into a bowl with clean water, again for 6 seconds. After removing the flower from the water, rotate it a bit so it can be dry. Unflure the petals after if needed.
There is no need to proceed often with the cleaning instructions 2 and 3. The number 1 cleaning instruction is more than enough.