Spot the bloom: Ioulita Mosaidi

We caught up with Ioulita, a musical performer, to find out more about Ioulita’s first steps in the industry her challenges, and her plans for the near future she has…

Ioulita is wearing our lace puff blouse and 80’s striped skirt accompanied with Blossoms of Anthophile

We’d love to know a bit more about Ioulita and how everything started.

Due to the fact that my mother is a dance teacher and my father a singer, from a very young age, I engaged in both fields. At the age of 18, as soon as I graduated from high school, I moved to Athens to fulfill my dream, which was to perform in a musical play.

Ioulita is wearing our 90’s Austrian floral dress

What has been your biggest challenge and greatest success so far?

One of my biggest challenges was when for one performance in a nightclub I had to memorize all the songs in English although I don’t speak it. The funny part is that my mother is from England.. Regarding the one big success, I can’t name it, because for me all the plays I participated in are equally important and I give my 100% to them.

What are your favorite styles from the Anthophile vintage collection?

My favorite Anthophile outfit is the denim dress because is timeless and you can wear it all day long! I have been a vintage lover for many years now and I haven’t seen something similar before.

Ioulita is wearing our floral jacket and purple blouse

Any plans for the future?

Hmmm, the closest thing I have to plans are some travels I want to make. Especially now that the summer is near. Of course, based on my working obligations.

Ioulita is wearing our Austrian wool vest and satin pink blouse

We want to thank the cafe – bar ‘Things in Jars’ in Athens for providing us with their beautiful place for our photoshoot!