Ranunculus Elegance hair clip


Unique handmade flower hair clips made by the artist Lara Mats.
After creating the unique home decor flowers ‘Blossoms of Anthophile’ we have decided to start creating these beautiful realistic flower hair clips.

– The flower’s diameter is: 8cm

Every hair clip is carefully handcrafted by using Foam plastic material on iron and shaping every piece separately, ensuring that each piece is of the highest quality. It’s not paper so the material is durable.
The metal clip is adjustable to fit comfortably on your hair, ensuring a perfect fit for any size.
Ideal for weddings or special occasions.

How to clean them:
1. Use a cold air hairdryer in low intensity to remove any dust or in a bowl mix cold water with one drop of body lotion, dip the flower, and gently rotate for some seconds. After that, dip the flower into a bowl with clean water, again for some seconds. After removing the flower from the water, rotate it a bit so it can be dry. Unflure the petals after if needed.

Please be aware that the current lead time is 3-4 working days.

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