Green Lotus peony


Blossoms of Anthophile are made-to-order artificial flowers from foam material with great respect for the environment.
Each petal is cut, shaped, and colored by hand by the artist Lara Mats, meaning no two flowers are exactly the same.
Ideal for home decor and very easy to transfer since they are light as a feather.
Due to the foam material, the flowers are very long-lasting and they don’t tear or break.

If you prefer a different stem length, send us a request.

Flowers may require a little bending and unfluring after unboxing. Gently tease the petals with your fingers to open up the flower.
Keep away from heat and water. For example, don’t put them in a vase with water.
How to clean them:
1. Use a cold air hairdryer in low intensity in order to remove any dust
2. With a soft fresh wet sponge or paintbrush rouge clean softly the leaves, buds, and stems. Except the actual flower.
3. Then the actual flower: In a bowl mix cold water with one drop of body lotion, dip the flower, and gently rotate for 6 seconds. After that, dip the flower into a bowl with clean water, again for 6 seconds. After removing the flower from the water, rotate it a bit so it can be dry. Unflure the petals after if needed.
There is no need to proceed often with cleaning instructions 2 and 3. The number 1 cleaning instruction is more than enough.

The current lead time until dispatch for all orders is 1- 2 weeks.

Stems can be cut but not bent. They can be bent gently but there is a chance that the material will not have a smooth surface.

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