Spot the Bloom: Paraskevi Dourouklaki


Introducing an enlightening conversation with the exceptionally talented Paraskevi Dourouklaki, an actress-singer whose boundless passion for her art illuminates every stage she graces. Join us as we uncover the sparks that ignited her love for acting and singing, tracing the roots of her artistic journey.

What sparked your love for acting and singing?

My love for acting and singing was ignited by my need for more life, or rather for a better life. With my art, I strive to challenge or even change beliefs and situations, to truly communicate with people, something that was lacking in my life until I devoted myself to theater. Ever since I can remember myself, and even before when my loved ones recall, I had a tendency to externalize thoughts and feelings in a dramatic way. Nature and animals have always been my primary stimuli.

Was this something you always had a passion for?

Yes, there was always something inside me that made me translate every observation or experience into a song, a myth, or a performance. Unfortunately, this passion of mine, until I was 23 years old and dedicated myself to acting, was very internal. There was always a profound fear of practical engagement with art and externalizing it – I was quite self-censored. Now, all these unnecessary concerns have almost completely subsided after much effort and work.

Paraskevi is wearing our Embroidered roses blouse and Geiger skirt

How important is to express yourself and your personality through your art?

I believe that for most artists, this personal expression is crucial, and it is for me as well. It is an existential matter in my life and exists in almost all my moments. It is a destination for me, and until I reach it, I enjoy my most sincere journeys.

How would you describe your personal style?

The basis of my dressing and wardrobe is the Renaissance and what this era carries. Certainly with many modern elements. But at times, I notice a dream pop-rock style emerging from within me, which changes my character. However, in most of my outfits, there is a dominant theme that supports the whole style and creates theatricality. Very often, I feel over-dressed.

Paraskevi is wearing our Geiger wool jacket

Why did you choose Anthophile vintage pieces?

First of all, I greatly appreciate the uniqueness of the pieces as I am consciously quite negative towards fast fashion chains. However, the pieces of Anthophile attract me because they are immersed in my influences: nature, flowers, animals, rebirth. I also notice that each piece carries its own story and makes me want to step into it and narrate it with my dressing.

What’s Next for you?

The song “Δίψασα στην πόρτα σου” (“I Thirsted at Your Door”) is already out, and I will be performing with Giorgos Paraskevakos at some live shows at Red Jasper in Kypseli. I am also in the studio working on my next piece, composed of my lyrics, music, and performance, titled “Γιορτή” (“Celebration”). I am looking forward to the release of Nikos Fourtounis’ film ‘ΜJ’, which is coming out soon, and I am in very interesting discussions for my next theatrical step, which cannot yet be announced.

Special thanks to ”Το Καφενείο του Ρίζου’ (To Kafenio tou Rizou).